About Us

Our business is all about our Clients. We are passionate in helping Clients focus on the Things that Matter as well as the Things that they can Control.

This often means, worrying less about comparing your investment returns to the FTSE 100, or listening to 'financial experts' who try and predict the markets or sell you the next big 'thing'. Instead, it means focusing only on your investments in the context of your Financial Plan - after all, your investment journey is the only one that matters.

We are a family owned and managed practice established in 1991. We offer investment advice and strategic financial planning solutions to individuals, trustees and business owners to help them - build, manage and protect their wealth.

Our independence ensures our advice is completely impartial and we sit firmly on the side of our clients, helping them make important decisions in reaching their goals.

As trusted advisers we currently manage approximately £130 million of clients' money.

We are in close proximity to Belfast, helping clients across Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

We are the selected advisory partner of several professional firms and after many years of working closely with the professional community, we decided to formalise our professional relationships, resulting in the formation of Leeburn Wealth Management and Leeburn Imperial Wealth Management.

Meet the Advisers

Stuart Leeburn

Director & Chartered Financial Planner
Email: stuart@leeburnfinancial.com

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After  finishing his Honours degree in Accountancy at the University of Dundee, Stuart worked in a belfast based Acountancy Practice for a number of years before joining joining LFP.  Stuart continued his studies long after University and now has over 17 years experience in financial services, and is one of the small number of advisers in NI to be accredited with the title Chartered Financial Planner. 

Stuart lives in Moira and enjoys spending time with his family as well as most sports, such as football and golf.

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Graeme Leeburn

Director & Chartered Financial Planner
Email: graeme@leeburnfinancial.com

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Graeme completed his Honours degree in Accountancy at the University of Dundee, before returning to NI with the aim of becoming a Financial Planner with LFP.  With over 15 years experience in financial services, he was one of the youngest advisers to achieve the title of Chartered Financial Planner and now Fellowship of the CII.

His work with clients consists of constructing and maintaining highly personal financial plans to meet their particular objectives.

Graeme lives locally in Hillsborough and enjoys travelling and most sports, including football and golf.

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Why choose a Chartered Financial Planner?

Chartered Financial Partners
Chartered Financial Planning Firms

In the UK, 'financial experts' come in many guises – for example; there are IFAs, Financial Planners, Wealth Managers, and the basic Tied Advisers at your local Bank. We understand that genuine professionalism has never been so valued - or so necessary - and therefore identified the benefit of achieving the 'gold standard' of excellence and integrity within the financial profession - Chartered Financial Planning Status.

Chartered status is an exclusive title only awarded to firms which meet rigorous criteria relating to professionalism and capability. We believe it defines us as one of Northern Ireland's leading providers of financial advice.

To date, fewer than 400 firms have achieved Chartered status, of which only 10* are in Northern Ireland, indicating that this is a highly exclusive award reserved for the leading firms within the financial planning market. * Data as at 1 April 2015, this represents approximately 5% of firms offering financial advice in Northern Ireland.

Individual Chartered status is the profession’s gold standard for financial planners. It confirms that the Chartered Financial Planner has completed a suite of professional qualifications equivalent to degree level. Two of our advisers have reached this qualification level.

As at 1 April 2013, there were less than 3500 * Chartered Financial Planners out of an estimated 34,000 practising advisers in the UK. *Data as at 1 April 2013. Approximately 10% of PFS members in Northern Ireland are Chartered Financial Planners.

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that money is simply a facilitator - a means to achieve the peace of mind and the life you are looking for. Behind your financial plan sits a tailored strategy designed to protect your wealth and achieve your goals. Our Investment Philosophy is a set of core values based on academic research, to help you make smart decisions about your money.

  • Capital Markets Work

    Markets throughout the world have a history of rewarding the long-term investors for the capital they supply or investment they make. We believe that these markets and asset classes generate a return above inflation (known as the Real Return).

  • Risk and Reward are related

    Over the last fifty years, evidence from practising investors, financial economists and leading academics alike points to an undeniable conclusion: risk and reward are related. They have provided us with the understanding that taking a chance may result in a gain, but not all risk-taking is rewarded.

  • Strategic Asset Allocation

    Academic studies have shown that over 90% of the variance in investment returns are derived from asset allocation (ie. ensuring the correct exposure to different asset classes - cash, fixed interest, property and equities). Market timing and individual stock selection are much less important.

  • Diversification

    Academic Studies have shown that a crucial component of risk management in investing is diversification. The key to diversification is the age old adage, don't put all of your eggs in one basket. The main point of diversification is to reduce risk rather than improve expected return.

  • Buy & Hold

    By attempting to speculate on what will happen in the future and ultimately 'time the markets', investors add uncertainty, reduce efficiency and can increase taxes and costs, all of which threaten their financial objectives. A Buy and Hold strategy avoids these risks and uncertainties.

  • Passive Investing

    By using Passive fund management where possible, investors can gain exposure to different asset classes at much lower cost than actively managed funds. Repeated academic studies illustrate that when active funds do outperform benchmark indices, this is down to luck rather than skill and no more than would be expected from random chance.

  • Rebalance Annually

    Over time, the investment markets move and the asset class parameters can drift away from the originally agreed benchmarks. To avoid having too much exposure to any one asset class, we believe it is important to regularly rebalance your investment portfolio.

  • Efficient Implementation

    We believe in driving down the costs of portfolio management wherever possible and use state-of-the-art trading, administrative technology and e-commerce systems to reduce overheads and direct costs to our clients. This technology allows our clients to benefit from reduced paperwork, online valuations and generally a simpler life.